People To Follow

Here’s a list of people I follow on my instagram whose styles/creative energy I admire. More to come…

Adina – I admire Adina’s style so, so much. She has a great eye for thrifting unique pieces and is always put together. She’s also great for book recommendations!

Caroline – Caroline is a stylish social justice warrior that I also met through my tumblr days. She enjoys thrifting, sewing her own clothes and working on her embroidery (and selling it on her Etsy shop!)

D Isabel – D has impeccable style and an even more amazing closet. She’s also a fan of DIYs, which I can absolutely relate to.

Katie – I’ve known Katie since my Tumblr gif days. She has incredible fashion style (a constant favorite in my book) and is currently blogging about her life as a teacher abroad in Korea.

Margaret – Margaret is a pro at putting together an outfit and then serving up a great analysis about it. She originated the #OOTDinDepth hashtag and provides a plethora of resources on clothing inspiration and how to track your closet.

Sarah – Sarah is actually my friend irl. I’ve gotten to know irl and we’ve done plenty of thrifting trips together. Her style is sleek, sharp and impeccably tailored.