About Me

Who is Nitrochique?

Nitrochique is an amazing gal named Lucy who has a superb sense of style, a terrific taste for thrifting, and a penchant for pursuing Pokemon. Though, right now I am terraforming my island, Bobaland, on Animal Crossing and praying for Raymond to visit my campsite. #iykyk

What is Nitrochique about?

Sometime around 2015-2016 I started rediscovering my love of the thrift again. With this new passion for thrifting and not many people to share my awesome finds with (the exceptions being my best friend and my favorite coworker) I decided to turn to the interwebs.

Nitrochique (formerly known as LucyThriftsWorld) was created in the beginning to showcase the variety of awesome thrift finds I snatched up during my “thrift hauls.” Eventually it morphed into a feed of me showing off my creative outfits and copycat designer DIYs.

And then I got bored of Instagram and so now Nitrochique is a blog.

Where else can you find me?

Well, I don’t think anyone prefers to be stalked. When I am not slaving away (or slacking off) at my job, you can probably find me at the nearest boba shop ordering a Brown Sugar Boba Tea Latte. Or at the thrift store (when there’s not a global pandemic happening).