Hello Blog, Goodbye Instagram!

Fashion OOTD

I have decided to take a stab at blogging about my outfits instead of posting one photo and some lukewarm caption about it like “wow I didn’t comb my hair today yet somehow my hair is perfectly straight”, which is completely false (because I obviously spent 30 minutes flat ironing my hair).

Here’s a preview of what I was posting using Instagram. At least before I decided to quit using this platform.

This was a photo I took while getting take out in Redwood City during quarantine. I was feeling very meh about how I’ve let myself go and figured wearing a nice outfit would negate some of my negative self-talk. It worked.

I loved using Instagram to showcase my outfits until I inevitably got bogged down by the very things I used to say I didn’t care about, such as:

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Accounts that bragged about how much they saved on Gucci slides on The Real Real
  • Accounts that took pixelated photos but yet still had 300+ likes (ok, this one is more of me being a HQ photo snob)
  • Accounts who do loop giveaways (you know, the ones where you had to follow one account after another and the winner was always never advertised)

Anyways I could go on. So I decided to create a MySQL Database on my website (This Love Is Dangerous) and booted up WordPress to start blogging again. If you’re interested in integrating WordPress into your domain, reading this tutorial was extremely helpful. I’ve always used WordPress even back in my blending/colorization days (I’ll talk about what this means in a future blog post).

Will I always talk about fashion? Probably. Though sometimes I really want to talk about cars…

Will I inevitably start venting about my work? Uh… hopefully not.

If you’ve found my site today. I hope you’ll continue following my fashion adventures.

Until then, Lucy out.

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